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Community Tennis Association

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Statemen

Diversity, Equity, and inclusion are a major priority and strength for the Durham-Orange Community Tennis Association (DOCTA) to promote and encourage tennis in the Durham-Orange community. Diversity allows us to reach out to everyone, equity allows us to ensure and value fair and just treatment of all, and inclusion allows us to be open and reflect the cultural diversity of the Durham-Orange County community. DOCTA’s diversity, equity, and inclusion strategic priorities to ensure that every adult and/or youth that wants to learn to play tennis, compete, and/or build toward a collegiate or professional career has an equal opportunity to grow and succeed to their greatest potential. We believe that removing barriers allows tennis to reflect the community and promotes the six (6) pillars of character—trustworthiness, fairness, respect, responsibility, caring, and citizenship adopted by DOCTA. We believe that building character helps eliminate bullying and discrimination on all level of which DOCTA has no tolerance.


DOCTA is committed to enhancing the diversity of our board of directors and volunteers. When recruiting and hiring, DOCTA will seek to promote diversity and to maintain equity. Our inclusive culture will honor individual differences. Those qualities that strengthen our commitment to the growth of tennis at all levels and our working environment will be respected and valued.


Supplier Diversity

It is the policy of the Durham-Orange Community Tennis Association to seek qualified and diverse-owned businesses* that positively impact the communities where we live, work and play tennis. DOCTA’s goal is to support the local communities in Durham and Orange Counties, as its priority; and North Carolina as a whole.


*Diverse-owned businesses are defined as businesses that are 51 percent owned, managed and/or controlled by women, members of the LGBTQ+ community or members of the following minority groups: African American, Latino American, Asian-Pacific American, Asian-Indian American and Native American in North Carolina and within the USA.


Adopted October 12, 2023

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